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Welcome to Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly, an online newsletter that consists of the most interesting news and articles related to enterprise mobility in Asia.  Asia is predicted to be the fastest area of growth for enterprise mobility between now and 2016. Also read Field Mobility News Weekly Also read Kevin Benedict’s What’s New in HTML5 Also read M2M News Weekly Also read Mobile Commerce News Weekly Also read Mobile Health News Weekly Also read Mobility News Weekly Also read SMAC News Weekly A study conducted by GlobalWebIndex reveals China is the country with the world’s highest mobile purchase penetration rate. Fifty-five percent of Internet users in the country made a purchase via mobile device in the fourth quarter of 2012.  South Korea comes in second with 37 percent.  Read Original Content According to managed consulting firm Condition Zebra, Malaysia has los... (more)

HP Has a webOS Tablet, You Just Can’t Buy It

HP unveiled its expected Palm webOS 2.1-based tablet Wednesday but won't be able to deliver the very Apple-y 9.7-inch "TouchPad" until summer sometime, putting HP and its ambitions that much behind the master, which should be delivering the iPad 2 by April, and behind the throngs that by then should be hawking Android 3.0 gismos, not to mention the RIM Playbook. HP wasn't definite about pricing saying merely that it would be competitive with the iPad, which starts at $499. The TouchPad can do some cute tricks like syncing content with one of HP's new webOS smartphones - which also aren't available - just by touching, or answer a test message on the phone, but consumers are unlikely to buy it for those features. (Obviously HP is hoping to sell bundles.) The tablet multitasks though. That's a reason. And it has fancy Beats sound and gesture-based interaction. The 1.5l... (more)

Nvidia Diversifies with Project Shield

In an example of Microsoft-like vertical integration Nvidia under the code-name Project Shield is going to take parts it builds for other people's videogame consoles like the new version of its Tegra 4 processor and build a game machine of its own that it sells direct to consumers. The portable Android device is supposed to stream both Android and PC games over Wi-Fi to high-definition TVs and its own five-inch 1,280×720 screen. Gamers will be able play in bed or from a sofa instead of sitting at a computer. The move will put Nvidia in competition with Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. It could also unsettle Nvidia's established customers, which have, however, been drifting over to AMD. The streamed games will also have to be instantly responsive. According to Nvidia consultant Patrick Moorhead the widget is "disruptive" and "sent a shock wave through the gaming... (more)

Lenovo Introduces an ‘Interpersonal Computer’

Remember Microsoft's Surface? Well, Lenovo's got this thing called the IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC that it's touting as the first "interpersonal computer." It's a Window 8 dingus with a 27-inch screen that can be laid down or stood up so four people can use it all at once as though it was a big board game, which went fitted out with paddles and joysticks appears to be its main purpose. Surface, now called PixelSense, was designed for store displays and other commercial applications. The Table PC's screen, which is the size of eight iPads sewn together, is said to respond to 10 fingers touching it at the same time. Photos and videos can be rotated. It weighs 15lbs and will cost $1,699 this summer when it goes on sale. ... (more)

China Blamed for Mounting Decline in PC Shipments

Early data has IDC forecasting that PC shipments this quarter might drop 10%, roughly 2% more than it thought a few weeks ago. It's also predicting a mid-single digit drop in Q2 and is uncertain if shipments will increase in the second half. IDC said "Even getting to positive growth in the second half of 2013 will take some attractive new PC designs and more competitive pricing relative to tablets and other products." China, now the world's largest PC market, with 21% global share last year, slowed in February because of the timing of the Chinese New Year and government budget cuts as well as anti-corruption measures. Tablets and the lack of fizz in Windows 8 sales are also having an impact. EMEA, Latin America and Asia-Pacific excluding Japan are believed to be performing as previously forecast while "supply chain data indicate room for a slightly larger downward a... (more)

Mobile Commerce News Weekly – Week of October 6, 2013

The Mobile Commerce News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news, articles and links related to mobile commerce and marketing, mobile payments, mobile money, e-wallets, mobile banking, mobile ads and mobile security that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting market size and market trend information. Also read Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly Also read Field Mobility News Weekly Also read Mobile Health News Weekly Also read Mobility News Weekly IBM has acquired Xtify, a mobile messaging platform specializing in rich-content texts and push notifications. Xtify software has the ability to trigger messages depending on time or geographic location, as well as demographic data. Read Original Content By 2017 top retailers expect 76.5 percent of sales to come through stores, 14.6 percent via e-commerce and 6.5 percent through mobile,... (more)

Cisco's New Collaboration Solutions To Support WebRTC

Click here to follow ▸@WebRTCSummit At its annual Collaboration Summit event, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) Thursday announced the next phase of its vision for collaboration, which focuses on delivering innovations that embrace the modern workspace and enable users to work smarter and more efficiently from virtually anywhere. Cisco designed the new solutions specifically with the goal of making it easier for teams to instantly connect, communicate and collaborate -- so people can respond faster and make decisions more quickly. Tailor-made for the increasingly mobile and distributed workforce, these new innovations are simple to use, are highly intuitive and make collaboration easy to scale across organizations of all sizes. The modern workspace will integrate tools at work with many of the tools employees use at home; support mobility trends that enable people to access in... (more)

RIM Releases Enhanced Java and Web Development Tools

Research In Motion (RIM) on Tuesday released updated Java and Web-based development tools for the BlackBerry platform. The BlackBerry Java Plug-In for Eclipse v1.1 and the BlackBerry Web Plug-in v2.0 offer new capabilities that make it even easier to create feature-rich applications. The BlackBerry Widget SDK (Software Development Kit) v1.0 and the BlackBerry Java SDK v5.0, which includes more than 20,000 APIs, provide unparalleled access to BlackBerry smartphone hardware features, native BlackBerry software applications and other unique system capabilities of the BlackBerry Application Platform. Using the new tools developers can quickly and easily build web-based BlackBerry Widgets or Java applications that leverage the unique benefits of the BlackBerry Application Platform to seamlessly share information across and interact with core BlackBerry applications or o... (more)

‘No System Is 100% Secure’: Sony CEO

For those with the sense to listen, Sony CEO Howard Stringer stated the obvious the other day when he told Bloomberg and others that "nobody's system is 100% secure" and that it's impossible for him to guarantee the security of Sony's cloud. Sony has been trying to come back with a highly secure system, reportedly defended by multiple moats and castles, higher levels of encryption, and intrusion detection, after suffering what some have described as the world's largest data breach last month, compromising 100 million user accounts. Sony has yet to explain exactly what happened and there have been suggestions it was using outdated software and left known vulnerabilities open but Stringer maintains that Sony had "no reason to believe our security was not good." Apparently the attack was disguised as a purchase so Sony didn't respond, but it reportedly was unaware it w... (more)

China Convicts Three for Stealing iPad 2 Specs

A Chinese court has convicted three local guys who stole iPad 2's blueprints to make counterfeits. The two guys who stole the plans worked for Foxconn, Apple's contract manufacturer. They sold them to a third guy for about $31,000 who built and sold knockoffs way before the genuine article appeared on the Chinese market last month. One of the Foxconn employees got 14 months and a $15,500 fine. His buddy got 12 months and a $4,600 fine. The buyer, an agent of Maita Electronics, got 18 months and a $23,000 fine. The same thing happened with the original iPad. ... (more)

Field Mobility News Weekly

The Field Mobility News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to field mobility that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends. Also read Mobile Commerce News Weekly Also read Mobile Marketing News Weekly Also read Mobility News Weekly Also read M2M News Monthly According to a report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc the global chipless RFID tag market will reach $2.0 billion by 2017.  Read Original Content Panasonic will release a 10 inch Android tablet during the fourth quarter of 2011.  Read Original Content Industrial giant Siemens is investing in smart grid start up Tendril and the two will market Tendril's home energy system to utilities.  Read Original Content General Dynamics is supplying the Air Force with 300 rugged and secure handheld computers to senio... (more)