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My top security stories of the week, as part of my work to curate the Dice Security Talent Community portal page: Big Data Detectives Why WordPress Updates Matter Bitdrop app beats NSA surveillance with anonymous encrypted file transfers Experts recommend safeguards with Chrome personal data store 5 tips for hiring security-savvy IT professionals ASLR Bypass Apocalypse in Lately Zero-Day Exploits Oracle Quarterly Update Includes Patches for 50 Remotely Executable Java Bugs How Rabid Are You? 3 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Privacy VB 2013: Adkits on Android mobile phones ... (more)

Portables & the Consumer Are the PC’s Heroes

IDC thought PC units were going to dive 6.3% worldwide in the June quarter. Turns out they were only down 3.1%. Revenues, when those numbers come out, will be another matter because the consumer, who has single-handedly kept the pot simmering without any help from his corporate counterpart, has been cost-conscious rather than performance-driven and very much taken with cheap netbooks. According to Gartner's numbers worldwide, PC unit shipments dropped 5% to 68.1 million, less than the nasty 9.8% it had forecast. Portables, of course, continue to be the primary driver of volume and growth. In terms of units, IDC says all regions either met or surpassed expectations on the back of strong portable shipments. While the numbers suggest a return to growth by the end of the year, IDC said "the market's focus on lower-price PCs and mini-notebooks is likely to drag the value... (more)

Open Source Mobile Cloud Sync and Push Email

Funambol, the leading provider of open source mobile cloud sync and push email for billions of phones, today announced that its new version 8 software is generally available. Funambol v8 makes it easy to keep the data and content on billions of mobile phones in sync with social networks, email systems and personal computers via the Internet cloud. Funambol v8 has a completely redesigned AJAX web portal. The portal's striking interface makes it simple for users to access mobile data and rich media in the cloud, using any modern browser "With the exploding popularity of smartphones, people are carrying more of their lives on their phones than ever before," said Fabrizio Capobianco, Funambol CEO. "People increasingly expect to access their data and content in the cloud and other systems. The new Funambol Portal makes it super easy to access mobile data and content, any... (more)

Mike Rowe From Dirty Jobs Could Use This Technology

I think it will take me a year to get through all of the companies I visited and interviewed at Oracle OpenWorld. Voice technology has always been one of my “hobbies”, especially when it comes to the connection into knowledge management or any other Contact Center functionality.  Voice, after all, can be a service just like any other set of functionality within a Services Oriented Architecture. Voice should also be connected to all of the other services available in the enterprise. Voice-Insight (http://www.voice-insight.com ) was at the show and was demonstrating and talking about some of its technology and some of their R&D projects. Voice-Insight is not necessarily focusing on SOA or services; most of their appeal comes from integration to other technologies.Voice-Insight built its own voice language (VQLTM) that attempts to bridge voice with GIS, maintenance, qu... (more)

Cisco Transforms Unified Communications

As part of today's portfolio announcement at Cisco's Collaboration Summit, the company introduced a ground-breaking version of its industry-leading unified communications platform, featuring innovations and enhancements designed to reduce costs and increase operating efficiencies between and within global enterprises. Cisco® Unified Communications System Release 8.0 enables organizations to collaborate in new ways that remove barriers to communications with partners, suppliers and customers through integrated voice, video, presence, instant messaging and Web sessions. Cisco Unified Communications System 8.0 includes advanced integrated Internet Protocol (IP) applications that allow businesses to extract more value from their communications through federated presence across devices and platforms, and through instant messaging, customer care, conferencing, video and ... (more)

Wyse Extends Market Leadership in Workstation

Virtualization Magazine Wyse Technology, the global leader in thin computing and client virtualization, today announced solutions that will support VMware View 4 and its PC-over-IP (PCoIP) display protocol. Wyse is announcing support for the PCoIP protocol in existing thin client devices, new devices, and a new zero client. The new Wyse P20 zero client is specifically designed to bring the premiere PCoIP experience to a whole new class of virtualization users whether operating from a datacenter, private or public cloud. These devices are expected to be listed on the VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) and available for VMware View 4 by Nov. 19, 2009 when the solution becomes generally available. Wyse is launching support for VMware View 4 with integrated support for PCoIP across its line of existing thin clients, including immediate support for Wyse thin clie... (more)

Chrome Netbook OS; Tablet PCs; LBS; Open Source

2010 will undoubtedly be a year of technology innovation. In 2009, Twitter revolutionized the way we get news, it brought us closer to those who were a part of the news, almost making traditional media irrelevant. I don’t know who (or what) will be the Twitter of 2010, but below are a few predictions for the coming year. Google’s Chrome Netbook OS will be a hit. Their OS will mostly be dependent on a Google Account. A Google Account opens up their full Google Apps suite, which includes email, calendar, word processing, and MS Office like functions. Google’s renditions of their current OS have been well received by the “blogosphere” especially it’s ability to fit on a 1GB flash drive. An OS that small is perfect for Netbooks and tablet PCs. The smaller footprint also gives the user more capabilities. A key part of the Chrome OS will be the Chrome brower (my browser ... (more)

Mobile Devices Meet Bricks and Mortar

A recent WSJ report Venture Capitalist's New Frontier, Where Cellphones Meet Retailing points to Reid Hoffman, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur who put money early into hot start-ups like Facebook Inc. and online gaming company Zynga Game Network Inc., now has his eye on the intersection of mobile phones and bricks-and-mortar retailing. As well he should. The explosion of mobile devices, adoption of social media and new business models that blend online and bricks and mortar components around the customer will contribute to new ways to engage shoppers.While the technology is emerging in traditional retail, I fully expect it to increasingly enter the bricks and mortar fitness and wellness space soon. Members should be able to purchase and interact with facilities using mobile devices wether outside or inside of the four walls. Solutions that bridge the mobile and fac... (more)

HTC to Field Android Tablet

HTC, the big Android phone maker being sued by Apple, is apparently going to tempt Apple to expand its suit when it fields the Android-based tablet it's reportedly got. Bloomberg says that right after Christmas the Taiwan firm filed for a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office on a tablet called the HTC Scribe, HTC's first tablet, a new revenue stream and another aggravation for Apple's iPad. The sometimes right, sometimes wrong DigiTimes says it's heard from Taiwanese component makers that the seven-inch dingus won't be announced until mid-February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It's supposed to use the tablet-supporting Honeycomb cut of Android, a k a Android 3.0, whose exact availability is debatable. ... (more)

Motorola ATRIX - Next Killer Consumer Smartphone to Enter the Enterprise?

Everyone knows that the iPhone cracked open the lockhold that Blackberry had on corporate enterprise. There still are holdouts but they are converting quickly as executives bring iPhones and iPads to work and mandate IT support. Even though Android shipments are impressive, the numbers supported by corporations are still a niche compared to Blackberry or iPhone. The new ATRIX smartphone may change all that. Motorola calls it the world's most powerful smartphone, which based on the specs is defendable. Others call it the NirvanaPhone based on a new feature that allows the phone to be docked to a full-sized PC display, TV or Laptop dock. This feature called webtop will run Firefox and Citrix Receiver, essentially making the entire web plus company applications and data available anywhere. Imagine traveling with only a smartphone knowing that you can plug-in anywhere... (more)

Tablets Crimp PC Growth: Gartner

No sooner had Steve Jobs' announced the iPad 2 and talked about the "post-PC" phenomenon than Gartner axed its estimates for PC sales growth this year. It sheered its outlook from 15.9% to 10.5% on the assumption that laptops and netbooks won't be as popular as it previously thought because of tablets. It's now figuring on total PC sales of 383.8 million this year, with its optimism on 2012 also hedged, cut from 14.8% growth to 13.6% against the new lower 2011 estimate. Gartner figures that people, including the Chinese, will either buy tablets instead of PCs or extend the life of their existing laptops. It's expecting home mobile PC sales to rise less than 10% a year through 2015. Immediate projections after the iPad 2 announcement also forecast Apple retaining its dominant position in tablets up against the coming copy cats. Forrester Research, for one, says Apple ... (more)