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We’re going to be seeing a lot more touchscreen computers. One of the features of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system is that it supports a multitouch user-interface (much like on the iPhone or a Tablet PC). To further the adoption of such touchscreen technology, Microsoft led a $24 million round in Israeli startup N-trig. Other investors included Aurum Ventures, Challenger Ltd., Canaan Partners, and Evergreen Venture Partners. In just the past two years, the company has raised $52 million. Does every computer now have to come with a touchscreen? N-trig’s computer screens are already used in the HP TouchSmart and Dell Lattitude XT. For tablet PCs, a touchscreen is a must. But for desktop PCs, or even conventional laptops, it can be a bit awkward. For one thing, the vertical screen forces your arm to hang in the air instead of rest on top of it. Touchscreens are ... (more)

Google’s Task List Turns Up On The Android And iPhone

When Gmail Labs added a Task list to Gmail in December, it turned out to be an extremely popular feature. Now the Tasks app is going mobile, and is available on Android mobile phones and iPhones through the browser on those devices. Both of those browsers are based on Webkit). Simply point your mobile browser to gmail.com/tasks. If you’ve already installed Tasks on Gmail, they will show up automatically. As you add or cross out tasks, they are automatically synced with your task list on Gmail. In addition to a stand-alone to-do list, you can also now convert e-mails into tasks. Unfortunately, you cannot yet share task lists with others or make lists if your mobile phone is not connected to the Internet. When the mobile version of Google Gears supports Android and the iPhone, offline capabilities will also be possible. But this is going to be great for using your mo... (more)

Kinoma Introduces Mobile "Social Media Browser"

With today's release of Kinoma Play, the best way to find, play and share media on a mobile phone is now also the best way to find, play and share media across social networks and media services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa. The new release of Kinoma Play for Windows Mobile builds on its leading, touch-optimized media experience to provide a social media experience that's faster, more fun and more connected. "The new Kinoma Play connects your media and your social networks with power and simplicity unavailable anywhere else," said Peter Hoddie, CEO of Kinoma. "It's not just that we've added hundreds of new features -- it's how naturally they work together, and how easily they work together on the new Kinoma Play home screen." The new Kinoma Play release includes: Cross-social sharing -- Kinoma Play's unique approach to supporting social media... (more)

Toshiba Launches Unified Communications Suite

Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division (Toshiba — www.telecom.toshiba.com) has announced the availability of its Unified Communications Suite, which bundles Toshiba’s unified communications applications in a single software package. All applications in the Unified Communications Suite run on one UC server, Toshiba’s Media Application Server. Now available from Authorized Toshiba Dealers nationwide, Toshiba’s Unified Communications Suite makes it easy and affordable for enterprises to adopt unified communications. “With Toshiba’s new Unified Communications Suite, Strata® CIX™ VoIP system users get a full suite of unified communications applications on a single server that provides an affordable entry to unified communications without sacrificing any features,” said Brian Metherell, vice president and general manager for Toshiba ... (more)

A New Market Opportunity From Within The LBS and UGC Markets

Identifying people, objects and data by their geographical location has always been crucial, though it has provided limited commercial value. However, the rapid evolution and commoditisation of the communication services technologies has led the way to the development of this activity as a business opportunity. One way to identify the data and objects by their physical location is by geotagging them - the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as photographs, video, websites, RDF or RSS feeds and is a form of geospatial metadata. Geotagging has emerged as a new market opportunity within the rapidly growing LBS and UGC markets. As the LBS market grows, the number of geotagging applications and platforms being launched around its ecosystem is increasing. The Location-Based Services and Location- Based Advertising markets have gro... (more)

Danger in the Clouds: Four Lessons from the Sidekick Disaster

Do you own a Sidekick mobile phone (AKA the Danger Hiptop)?  Then please accept my condolences while I describe the pain and suffering you’ve experienced over the past few days. The Sidekick is made by Danger, a company acquired by Microsoft in 2008.  As one of T-Mobile’s flagship mobile phones, the Sidekick was one of the first and most popular consumer smartphones.  Featuring a real keyboard, it offered an instant messaging application at a time when many phones were still figuring out SMS.  For IM and SMS addicts, the Sidekick was THE phone to own. One of the Sidekick’s key features was that it kept all of your important stuff “in the cloud.”  That meant it stored all of your contacts, messages, photos, and just about everything else on a server managed by Danger.  This made it easy to recover your data in case your phone lost power or failed.  What nobody anti... (more)

New Media on Ulitzer: 50 Million Go Mobile on Chinese Social Network

New Media on Ulitzer Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Kaixin001, the largest and fastest-growing social networking site in China, are joining forces with a three-year partnership to develop innovative mobile applications that will help millions of users access the site wherever and whenever they want. Launched in March 2008, Kaixin001 already has more than 50 million subscribers in China and among Chinese speakers across the world, and is attracting about 200,000 new registrations a day. With subscribers now mainly accessing the website via their PCs, the cooperation between Ericsson and Kaixin001 will bring new applications that will allow users to manage their virtual space, interact with friends and stay updated on their online communities, all via their mobile devices - anytime, anywhere. Future services could include real-time uploading of photos and videos from m... (more)

Funambol Acquires Zapatec

Funambol, a provider of open source mobile cloud sync and push email for billions of phones, today announced it has acquired Zapatec, Inc., a leader of AJAX web 2.0 frameworks. The acquisition enables Funambol to uniquely address the industry pervasive device fragmentation challenge that plagues developers and requires building native apps for too many platforms. The combination of Funambol's open source mobile sync and push server, with Zapatec's AJAX web 2.0 technology, will foster a new generation of open, rich mobile browser native apps for billions of smart- and feature phones. This provides the best of both worlds -- rich mobile web native apps that 'sync and push' and that work on all devices. "Future mobile apps will resemble PC AJAX apps, they will be web-based yet will sync data with mobile devices and have push notifications," said Fabrizio Capobianco, F... (more)

Top 10 Telecom Predictions for 2010

Wireless Technology Magazine inCode Telecom, an influential strategy advisor to leading telecommunications companies, enterprises, and private equity companies in North America announced its seventh annual Top 10 Telecom Predictions. The 2010 predictions identify emerging business, network, device, and application trends likely to affect consumers and businesses. Highlights of the 2010 predictions (see full text below) include: Consumer adoption of netbooks drives a significant increase in operator data plan sales, but could strain data networks and reveal device management and synching issues. The FCC struggles with competing forces regarding net neutrality rules, but eventually permits wireless operators to prevent or limit specific types of traffic as long as operators don’t discriminate. Since all mobile phones above entry level evolve into computing platforms, ... (more)

Will Microsoft Get Its Mojo Back with Windows Mobile 7?

Wireless Technology on Ulitzer There have been speculations as to whether Microsoft will remain an important player in the mobile phone market with their Windows Mobile operating system. Numerous news articles and blog posts have “declared” the imminent death of Windows Mobile. This article lists a few reasons why these speculations might not eventually turn out to be true. It is generally agreed that Windows Mobile has problems. We can compare it to Windows Vista which was not accepted very well by the market. Microsoft came back with Windows 7 which has turned out to be successful even after Vista’s debacle. They have learned from the problems and fixed them in Windows 7. Though the desktop and mobile platforms belong to different worlds, we must recognize the approach Microsoft took. The point is; Microsoft can certainly fix what is currently broken in Windows Mob... (more)

Myriad's Jbed Java Software Selected by Sony Ericsson for XPERIA™ X2 Handset

• Tightly integrated Windows Mobile solution delivers 'native-like' experience for Java applications • Network operators can port existing Java apps rather than rewriting for Windows Mobile DUEBENDORF-ZURICH, Switzerland - December 11, 2009 - Myriad Group AG, a global leader in mobile technology with software in over 2 billion phones, today announced that Sony Ericsson has selected Myriad's Jbed Advanced Java virtual machine to power applications on the new XPERIA™ X2 handset. Jbed, which is deployed in over 300 million mobile handsets, has been seamlessly integrated with Windows Mobile on the XPERIA™ X2, enabling Java applications to run like native apps, ensuring an enriched mobile user experience. The integration of Jbed gives network operators and the developer community the option to create new applications and services in either native Windows or Java. Where... (more)